Capture or Be Captive

It’s an amazing thing; the mind. It can obscure you or flaunt you; has the power to build you or destroy you; it can give you a good life or one from which you seek an escape. The mind is a powerful thing and fortunate is he who learns to harness it.


You see, the mind has the power to make you a believer just as you have the power to make it a believer.

f58558fcab8b817d3cde65ce7d16ccd8In my short life I have come to discover that; on the one hand, the mind is like a sharp shooter. It has the ability to take out a target and accomplish any mission irrespective of how close or how far away the target seems to be. It is quick, efficient and precise. When it locks onto a target, success becomes nothing but a function of time.

On the other hand, the mind is like a toddler; it is always hungry and whatever it lays its hands upon goes straight into its mouth. 311be025e658cf2de2462a98951ad833The mind is in a constant state of feeding. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your mind is in a constant state of consumption. Just like in children; depending on what they feed on, they will either be healthy or malnourished. In the same light, what you feed your mind determines its state of health.

If you feed it positivity, ability and sufficiency; it will grow up healthy and will develop prepped for whatever life has to offer. It will have great ability and will give its wielder the power to subdue, overcome and achieve anything that is within sight.

On the other hand, if you feed it lack, inability, insecurity and negativity; it will grow up weak and malnourished. It will view itself as weak, have poor self image and lack proper self esteem. The one who wields such a mind as a weapon is all but set for doom as they will accomplish very little, if anything at all.

I have observed and come to realize that many people are living at the mercy of their minds; like parents being controlled by a child who is the habit of throwing hissy fits. The child barks and they come running; the child wants and they give; the child’s every desire becomes a command. All the while they say that they are showing the child love by not denying what he or she wants.

As such are people who are controlled by their minds.


It is important to know that the mind is one crafty fellow. It is like an illusionist who has perfected the art of creation and perpetration. The mind can conjure up a picture or an idea and make it look and feel so real that it becomes illogical to consider anything contrary. The mind, if allowed, can run circles around you without you even realizing it. Many people spend up their portion of time without even knowing that they are the victims of a ruse.

However, just as you can put your foot down to a child, you can put your foot down to your mind. Now is it easy? Absolutely not. Is it possible? Certainly! Is it rewarding? More than all the gold and precious rubies in all the seas combined.

You see the mind can create what is not and cause it to be. This is because it taps from an inexhaustible resource tank which is the spirit realm; or as some call it, the subconscious realm. Learning to harness the power of the mind is therefore very rewarding.dfccd398bf459209cbe79ff28c5488b0

The mind is of limitless power and resource. You can either wield it or be a slave it. The choice is yours.

Stick around and I will show you how.


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