Hi, my name is Steve and I am a writer.

It has been 3 weeks and 2 days since I sat down to write something. I have to confess that I feel hung over; like some life flow has been lacking for some time. Several times I find myself detaching from normal human interactions due to feelings of incompleteness and low self-esteem. Time drags by and everything goes by in slow motion; it is as though I alighted prematurely from the bus headed for destiny and I am stranded at this one point. It feels as though I have awoken on a raft in the middle of the ocean not knowing for how long I have been adrift; who I am; on which version of which universe I am; what time it is; who you are; who is currently playing Bruce Wayne in the Batman franchise; the color of my mum’s dreadlocks or if she has ever had dreadlocks.

So, when I could bear it no more, I fell off the wagon and here I am. All the progress I have made gone down the drain. But you know what? I am the happiest I have ever been and I want to tell you why. So welcome to today’s session of Writers Anonymous.

The main reason why I love writing is because it is the only opportunity that I have to express myself with no apologies. I don’t have to explain myself and neither can I be restricted. I am free to let the craziness out and fully express how I am feeling. I love the rush of it; when it sets in, its like skydiving or taking a ride on a rollercoaster; you don’t know exactly what to expect or what is going to come out. The only sad part is that many a time my hands don’t move as quickly as my mind and I have frequently lost the umph of the moment. In spite of this mortal restriction, it absolutely rocks!

One thing that I love about being in the zone (yes, that’s how I call it), is how it makes you oblivious of everything that is around you. I love how all your senses come together in harmony as they produce the beauty and masterpiece that is in this form of art. Space and time cease to exist; food loses its taste and water cannot quench the parched throat. It is like adrenaline, only better; flirtatiously addictive in fact. It is your fortress of solitude that you run to when reality becomes unbearably mundane. On several occasions, I was so engrossed in my piece that I did not even notice when food was placed before me. It’s only when my wife taps me that I snap back to reality. She always has this look on her face that solicits some guilt out of me.

Okay, yes, it’s is true that it has gotten me into a fix once or twice but ask anyone who is in pursuit of passion and they will narrate an almost similar by-line.

I love how you can almost literally feel the flow of creativity from your brain through the entirety of your being. It takes you over and engulfs you in itself. It gives you a sudden high and your heart begins to palpitate in its cage, wanting to be set free; your palms get all sweaty and all you can do is wait in earnest for what will come out as though you are waiting to hear that Donald Trump is announcing his withdrawal from the presidential race. You get what I mean.

I like to write because in here I am free of any influence or pressures from society. I get to freely throw a jest here and there as an outpouring from my phlegmatic ‘leg’ without having to anticipate the fire and brimstone that accompany free expression. I get to stress on what I believe and expound on what I have doubts about. I add flesh to the lean and shine a light into the mammoth blanket of darkness that characterizes the common man; a darkness that has them blind with sight and deaf with unstopped ears. This is a bit of a paradoxical thought but a sad reality.

tropical_paradise_4-t2I write to give people a momentary escape from their present reality; to give them an escape to paradise; to put a drink in their hand; sand beneath their feet; RayBans over their eyes and a breeze in their hair.

However, after taking them there, I show them what they need to do to make this picture a permanent present reality. I like to usher people into a place where they get tired of the mediocre state they are living in. I prove to them that they can make the life of their dreams; that nothing, whatsoever it may be, is ever out of reach and that anything desired can be attained.

I am a believer that we have in us the potential and ability to attain the highest level of success, joy, peace, abundance, grace, beauty, wealth, power and dominion in our garden of Eden or area of purpose.

I write for those of you who think that this kind of life is superficial and the result of wishful thinking. To those whose background and upbringing has deceived them to the point of believing that this kind of lifestyle is only reserved to certain privileged individuals. For those who societal pressure and imposed obligations have forced to take paths that have neither joy nor fulfillment; those who curse at themselves for not having the courage to live their dreams or those whose lives are just too complicated and don’t know where to start. These are the people I think of every time I indulge myself into this passion.

I write to push people to empower themselves to go for what they want and then show them how to get it. I use my gift to challenge people to take responsibility of their destinies; to inform them that they are the only ones responsible for the quality of life they are living. I charge them to arise; stop blaming everyone for how they are living currently and take decisive steps towards what they want. I tell them that this world will never give you something just because you want it; or because you feel as though it has been unfair to you. I tell them that life is unfair and problematic to everybody and that makes life to be very fair. I tell them to stop whining and start working; to stop sitting around waiting for destiny to be dropped on their lap and to go out there and get it.

Finally, I write to give hope. Hope that all is not lost. Hope that it can get better and you can be more than you are perceived to be. Hope that you can make it in spite of the odds stacked against you. Hope that you can take back control of your life right now and make something out of it.

downloadThis, ladies and gentlemen, is why I had to fall back to this perdition. It is for these individuals that I could not sit back in this false state of ‘sobriety’. It was too enticing to deny and too loud to ignore.

This, is why I write…


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