I get ecstatic sometimes at the mere thought of thinking;
I love the feel of creativity flashing in my cerebral cortex like disco lights on a Havana dance floor;
You can almost feel it as it translates and transforms itself into appropriate modes of expression: verbal or non;

I like how busy my mind gets;
It is flooded with activity; with more traffic than Times Square on New Year’s Eve;
The highway of my mind is full;
The words fly by as do radio waves; charging my brain and exciting my soul;
As they take turns in challenging my mind to a duel;
I swallow each up like prescription pills, allowing it to have its effect on me;
Unabated and unperturbed;
I ponder on what they mean and explore each one’s applicability;
It feels like a mighty rush; a high unattainable by any other substance;
I experience joy laced with sadness, fear intoxicated with security and sanity on the brink of anarchy.

I love how at times the words jump right up at you; how they arrest your mind and deny you peace until you have given them expression;
They linger close to the tongue and on the tips of the fingers; like a jealous lover too proud to admit his insecurity.

I love how I can talk about myself without having to; or reveal my deepest secrets with the highest discretion;
I am making peace and preaching war; praying for rain while professing sunshine. I get to be sarcastic with love and mean from a sincere heart and clear conscience.bdd66f093c9a85c8a320bbc0cea2d3cc

It is the greatest feeling of freedom.

I would advise you to try it; albeit with a warning:
Be careful not to get lost in it, for you may never want to come back.
Such is my Utopia…


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