Bank Robber

Howdy ho bank robber!

I see you there with your flashy tie and pinstriped suit

Trying to fool us, like we don’t have a clue

You come for the money, yes the one in the other room

You don’t want us to move

You know this is true

For in the even that we do

This place will turn into a zoo

From one end a roar and to the other, a boo

It will be like the Stig has come through

Vroom vroom brother, vroom vroom


*Jay Z laugh*

Come here bank robber, lemme take a peek

At that gun lying in your creek

Not that creek, you little creep

It’s a metaphor dude, chill

I have a proposal for you

Not the marriage kind of proposal, a different kind

How about you walk away, disappear into the wind

And I’ll do you a solid, you know, I’ll keep my sling

I won’t snitch and I won’t blab

My mouth will be a concrete slab


I’m glad that’s over

I almost shit myself, albeit covert

It seems that no one has a clue

Of the stink that was about to fill the room

I’m so glad this bank robber tale isn’t true

I almost got taken for a fool.

The tea girl has come through

Thank God, it is after noon.