May 5th (Part 1)

In all fairness, you have to agree that when one falls in love he falls out of his mind. No one is a greater evidence of this than yours truly. I mean, I am fallen out of my friggin’ mind. Indeed they say when you find the one; your heart will give you that nod of recognition.

Like it was yesterday, I remember the day I laid my eyes on her. A day like any other is what I thought it would be. After much pestering and coercion I was finally convinced to leave the comfort of my bed, skip breakfast and hurry off to town to meet my cousin. As I headed to town, all I was thinking about was how I was going to kill her on sight. I would then tell her that it was over for us as family; it was not her it was me; she should move on and forget about me; maybe even find another family member to make their life hell. It was a decision I had thoroughly considered and it was best for us to go our separate ways. I was then going to buy her lunch and probably go shoe shopping with her (*sigh*).

However, as I was about to discover, today was not that day. I saw my cousin as she approached but today she was not the lone ranger I had grown accustomed to. She was with someone. A friend as she would later introduce and boy was she a sight!

She had these amazing braids on which she fell mostly on one side of her face, giving her that seductive yet mysterious look (if you were to tell her this right now she would probably deny it on her life), she wore this blue jeans that hugged her just right; not too tight to expose too much nor too baggy to hide her curvaceous figure, she had on a white top with these bright blue flowers, a simple wristwatch which did much to express her modesty and slipper sandals.

She walked up to me, held out her hand and with the most beautiful smile said hi. The grip was oh so wow; her palm was soft and perfect. In my mind I was wondering which moisturizer she used because I would have loved to have a swing at it. She smelled great; her fragrance giving that serene and peaceful ambiance like only a field of blooming flowers could give. One whiff of that could send one into a blissful trance which they would not desire to come out of.

I looked up and was met by brown searching eyes which danced at contact with mine. The contact was short lived but felt like an eternity. At that particular moment, I felt my guts churn, something in my tummy leaped, I broke a slight sweat and my confidence instantly vanished. I looked away quickly so that this weird sensation would end and, to mask my nervousness,  broke out into laugh while looking at my cousin. All the while all I could do was ask myself, “What in the blinkety blank just happened?”

I could feel her eyes on the side of my face and I found myself longing and tempted to take another peek into her eyes for statistical purposes, you know, to gather sufficient information for the formulation of a workable hypothesis in regard to what had just happened.  At this moment I was a nervous wreck; I could not open my mouth to speak for I was sure my words would fail me. That and she looked so learned and sophisticated that anything I said would only confirm how uptown I wasn’t.

*To Be Continued*


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