It Started With a Wink…

It started with a wink

The followed the whisper

The coarse rustling of your lips on my lobe

The crackling of your cords as you seduced my heart.

Sweeter than nectar and honey suckle; stronger than Samson’s will

Intriguing to the senses and appealing to the eyes.


I am drawn to you and I don’t know why

Your lips have wrapped a cord around my feet; pulling me with every word

The more you speak; the more encaged I become.


I want it, no, I need it

My every morsel screams for it

My sanity demands it

Dangling on the brink of insanity.


I have made up my mind, I am having it

I will hold myself back no longer

My life needs, in fact, deserves some excitement

Too many passes have passed me by

Who knows, maybe this is my chance at real and lasting happiness.


I step up to the plate and clear my throat. (This is it…no turning back. It is now or never; destiny awaits) I open my mouth and utter the words that promise me liberty:

“I’ll have the family special combo of 6 chicken wings, a double decker burger and large pizza, with extra fries and onion rings. Extra cheese on the pizza, the wings extra spicy and be liberal with the barbecue sauce. Thank you.”


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