So I got a glimpse of my baby girl today. If this is how it feels to fall in love again, I think I just did. It was the first ultra sound and to be honest, I was a tad nervous; it was like approaching a pretty girl for the first time where you are on the brink of wetting your pants. You can prepare all you want and anticipate all you can but nothing can ever prepare you for when you see your baby for the first time.

The cutest and most heartwarming moment was when the gel landed on my wife’s tummy and we saw her move. Her right hand moved from her side to her head, as though she was slapping her face in frustration at the intrusion, as though to say, “Ugh, they are back again”

I could not stop smiling and blushing (trust me, I tried). For before me was the most beautiful thing my eyes had ever beheld. I felt something on the inside of my heart jump up; a sensation almost as strong as what I feel when I look at my wife when she is singing and dancing to her favorite song or when she smiles. In that moment, as I stood rooted at my spot, all ceased to exist and all that occupied my periphery was this beautiful thing that kept kicking and turning at the supposed intruders who were trying to hush her buzz.

I wished I could meet her then, to say hi to her and probably give her a hug; to tell her that I had just fallen in love with her and that I was not going to stop looking at her photos anytime soon. I wanted her to know that I was going to be the very best image of a man for her, that I was going to ensure that she grows up in an environment full of love and support. That I was going to do the best and greatest thing for her; love her mum and show her what a loving home feels like. That I was not going to miss our daddy-daughter days for anything in this world; that her and her mum will always be the highest priority to me; that I will come home each day after work just to hear how her day was. I wanted her to know that I look forward to her falling asleep on my chest, grabbing my arm when she’s scared and hugging me when she’s happy.

Above all, I wished I could let her know that I will always love her, that I will always be there to protect her and that even if the whole world turns it back on her, her mum and I will always have her.


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