So I got rained on yesterday. Not the short, oh just kidding kind; no, it was the drench you to your nether regions type. I got home and became a spectacle, with kids pointing at me and laughing. My own bae was somewhat caught between empathy and a slight chuckle. It was as though God really wanted me to take a bath and was not going to allow cold to be an excuse.

Anyway, tales of hosiery aside, later on as I was warming up with a cup of wimbi sour porridge, a question popped into my head: Who does rain think he is? What is it about rain that it transforms everything when it shows up? I mean everything is going along just greeeat and then, BOOM, rain arrives and now we have to subject ourselves to its very whim. You know what I think; I think rain is an attention seeker; that’s what he is.

Today was the day! You finally got out your full make up kit and decided to take it on a trip around town, flashing and calling everyone’s attention to you. You just got your hair did, your face looked smoother and more evenly toned than a baby’s bottom. Even your client took notice and insisted that he take a selfie with you. I mean WHAT!? You were a, to quote today’s children, slay queen and your pretty was on ‘fleek’. (Trust me I am rolling my eyes right now)

And then rain, bored from having nothing to do all day, takes notice of how much attention you are receiving and he goes ballistic. I mean he loses it, goes into a jealous rage and turns his throne room into my little brother’s bedroom floor. He then decides to make an example of you.

It was a clear and sunny day, perfect for sundresses and RayBans; fifteen minutes later it is like you have been in the eye of the storm. All hell breaks loose on your YouTube instructed, perfectly made up face. He descends upon thee with the wrath of Khan causing your ‘fleek’, to become a melting wax sculpture. This is to be a teaching to you, and every other idiot like you who thinks they can get attention.

Rain also has this habit of emotionalizing everything. You could be doing something as mundane as drinking porridge. Add rain to the equation and it becomes an event. You could be listening to music while on a moving bus as you stare out the window; add rain to the equation and every song begins to make sense as you realize that you can relate to every lyric. You love that song! It doesn’t matter that three minutes ago you could not have cared less if Adele was shot out of a canon; but now, as you listen to ‘I miss You’, you are suddenly given a wakeup call. It also at that moment that you start to analyze your life choices.


But, ranting aside, rain is not all bad…I think.

For us impulsive buyers of clothing that we see on Tv, it helps us condemn ourselves a little less. So you went out and bought a fur coat just because you saw Drake having one, big deal. So it was winter in New York at the time and you live in a town with enough sunshine hours to light up a medium sized city, it doesn’t matter. Rain has got you. You can finally snuggle up with that kikoi you bought at Maasai market but have been unable to use due to the sweltering heat of Kisumu. It then goes ahead to remind you of the music you have not listened to in a while. You retrieve your R Kelly baby making music, blow the dust off them and cat walk to the rhythm; reminiscing on the days when you could fit into a tank top.

Now that it has rained, you can finally take out those rainbow socks, scarf, sweat pants and every other useless piece of clothing that you impulsively bought on that day when you made the mistake of allowing peer pressure and a visa card in the same clothing store. They have been glaring at you in your closet, laughing and mocking you for your need of companionship which makes you weak. Finally, your silent pleas have reached the ears of the gods and they have decided to favor you this once. You ensure that you put all of them on and take as many photos as possible; even if they make you look like a mountain hiker. You are boiling beneath the layers of unnecessary layers of clothing but your pride will not allow you to take them off.

I love rain.

I love how it is an event in itself. Each drop has a story of strength and resilience to be told. Being caught out in the rain deliberately, I have found, is good for the heart. It makes you relieve those amazing childhood memories of running around during a downpour with your friends. No matter how much you got in trouble for it, you did it anyway.

Rain is more than just drops of water falling to the ground. No. it is more than that. Think about it. Crying in the rain; kissing in the rain; listening to and dancing to The Corrs and Alanis Morissette in the rain; just lifting up your hands, closing your eyes and allowing each drop to commune with your skin, each telling a beautiful tale. I don’t know about you, but that is a precious thing. They say joys of life are found in simplicity; well nothing is more simpler to me than that.

So disregard my first many chapters. Just close your eyes, clear your head and think back to the last time when you and rain had an intimate conversation.

Your heart will thank you.


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