I Am…

Today I want to talk about me. Most of what I had been putting up before has been about…well, me but I promise that today it will be different. I don’t know how but I assure you that it will be.

I am a person…(wait, of course I am a person. What did you think I am, a garden hose? Steve, I told you to get on from here with that foolishness. I will take it no more!)

Sorry about that; the voice box in my head recently became self-aware and I have really been searching for a way to put him down because he can be really inappropriate sometimes. After this I will hit up Sarah Connor so that we see what next.

Anyway, I digressed, apologies. What was I saying? Yes! I am a person who has a lot to say. It is like a habit, only it is the good kind of habit; the kind that I would not trade for any form of sanity in this world. I have a mouth like a machine gun; spitting out ammo at unimaginable rates and inhuman proportions. I talk…a lot, but you, you already knew that. I don’t know exactly what to label it but whatever term it is, I do that a lot.

A little while back, I made a life changing discovery. A revelation. A truth that could only have been revealed to me from the heavens. Ever since I received this revelation, my life immediately changed. Since then, my life has experienced more happiness, joy, fulfillment and begun to exude some raw bravado than all my previous days combined.

What I discovered is that; I am crazy.

Nope, your eyes and ears are not deceiving you. You indeed did just hear me say that I am crazy. And I am. I am so nuts that I feel sorry for my wife sometimes; if only she knew back then what she was getting herself into; my tricking her into falling for me would have taken a much shorter time. I mean, I am an absolute delight! Have you met me? If you haven’t, you should make a point.

The one thing that I greatly admire about my not being normal is that it has given me a very unique and special perspective on literally everything. I am the kind of person whose opinion many people wish not to hear because it has been termed foolish, a bit childish and unreasonably weird. My perception on things has been called unrealistic and my way of thinking accused of being unconventional. I have this supposedly annoying habit of taking lightly what people accord weightiness to and being very serious about what many choose to overlook. I am slightly old school and I like that very much.

I am one of the few people you know who is not on Whatsapp; who uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM and Snapchat as tools for marketing my ideals and not for documenting every minute of my life (I have left that for YouTube). I am a person who actually prefers physical presence (when it is possible) to face time and video calls. I try as much as I can to actually physically hang out and talk with my friends rather than exchanging selfies in a Whatsapp group. I value proximity, physical touch and the intimacy that comes without the adulteration of technology. Not to say I don’t use it; because I do, in fact a little more than the average person. I  am an idealist who believes that no technological advancement could replace the beauty of actual man-to-man contact.

It is also possible that I have I hippy-like spirit.

I hate oppression and believe that nothing and no one has the power to hold us ransom except the power we give to them. I am a rebel to unprofitable traditions and like to ask people uncomfortable questions.

I have also developed a particular love for my life that I find somewhat unnatural. I respect money, love to use it but given the option, would do without it. Because no matter how valuable it is; there are still some things that are far much more of value that no amount of money can afford. Those, are the things I now chase after. I am willing to forgo any amount given to me if I sense that it will rob me of my freedom to be happy. The greatest sorrows in the world, I believe, are the ones we place on ourselves when we allow temporary gratification and the love of money to be our lords, at the expense of love, joy and personal fulfillment.

I desire honest friendships and still believe in love. I place my relationship with The Almighty Jehova and the joy and peace of mind of my queen and my little princess above any transaction I could ever conduct. Anything that threatens these two things, no matter how ‘profitable’ it appears to be, is just not worth it.

Finally, I am a person with one defining belief; a thought that haunts me, makes me miserable and uncomfortable a lot of times and yet gives me peace and hope within the same breath.

I believe in people; in who they are, what they are capable of doing and the truth that with any man, impossibility is not a reality. I love it when people are able to break out of the shells of limitations; to break familial patterns of failure and stagnation; to be everything that nobody thought they could be and to obtain the greatest thing anyone can ever get…FREEDOM.

My love for people keeps me up long after people have retired to sleep and wakes me up long before people rise up.

I have christened myself ‘The Lion King’ because daily I realize this powerful beast that resides within me who wants nothing more than to get up and roar; who wants to go out there and prove to these hyenas and jackals just who the boss is around here. He wants to prowl around and restore order to where vultures have caused anarchy. I have known power, I have experienced what freedom is like and it would make me so happy if others experienced it to. You know, the more the merrier.

So I have dedicated my life to awakening the beast in all of us; to showing us that crazy is probably what this world is crying out for right now. Convention has failed us, maybe crazy will save us. I want that by the time I am gone, millions and millions will pay tribute to The Lion King whose roar awoke them from their slumber and showed them who they are. The man who dedicated his life to revealing God’s intended and original plan for them and introduced them to the liberty they already had. The man whose greatest joy came not from the hefty pay checks and the fame, but from sitting down with a struggling teenager and helping them realize their worth; the man to whom money was never a motivating factor but the fact that he was living out Romans 8:19-21 as the theme to his very action. I want to be that guy; not for myself but for you, and more importantly, to the glory of God the father.

Like I said, I am crazy. Because it takes a crazy person to envision some of the things I envision or to dream some of the things I dream. But you know what, my crazy is good enough for me and greatest of all, it makes me happy.

So awaken, my pride. Come get crazy with me; allow the beast in you to awaken. Come atop pride rock, let us roar together; the world is desperately in need of hearing it.



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