A striking fellow is he.

He has been called by many names; drawn from the numerous fables whispered about him. Fear, comfort, reality have been his characters. Whichever way you choose to call him, I find logic to be a fairly sufficient representative term. Now, I have a bone to pick with logic; he is a liar, a swindler and known for deluding many from destiny. He has traitor-ish tendencies; feeding from both sides of the table. He feeds you lies concerning who your enemy is and sabotages every strategy even before it leaves the cauldron of your mind.

He will have you knight vagabonds and throw your high borns and noblemen into the dungeon; he will pour slow acting poison into your wine chalice and mix swine excrement in your gravy. He will have you slay your family by thine own hand and have you burn your daughter at the stake because her free spirited nature is as the ‘work of witchcraft’. He will lull you to sleep while building a scaffold for you to be hanged the next day. He is one fellow who a beheading or making a galley slave is not sufficient enough punishment for his depravity.

But in spite of my disdain for logic, I have to give him one thing; he is one sneaky little weasel. He is as quiet and has more stealth than an amazon black panther on a night stroll. He is so sneaky that you barely notice when he takes permanent residence in your mind. You only begin to suspect that something is up when somehow, in particular situations; you tend to respond in a somewhat almost predetermined manner.

You see, you did not encounter logic yesterday. No, quite the contrary, he picked you. He chose you, the very moment that you were born and called you unto himself. He has been like that angel on your shoulder; taking the form of life and good, hiding his true form. He keeps whispering into your ear, day after day, year after year; like your very own Gandalf the Grey.

His words ring like a canary’s chirp, drip like honey from a ripe hive and flow like living water from the fountain of youth. He hypnotizes you; directing your every step and commanding your every move; like a grand master, prizing over his 3D chess board. He is a crafty tactician, using your very weaknesses against you while drawing what remains of the life of your strengths.

When you shall finally behold him; when he shall finally make himself known after his treachery being exposed; be careful not to fall for his greatest trick, his master card, his treachery of the eyes;  the image of a false grandeur. He shall spew smoke and cause excessive light flashings in a bid to distract you. He will call it dark magic. Do not fall for it. For many have been deceived by it and allowed fear to creep upon the door of their hearts. Many have fainted while narrating this tale; speaking in great reverence to him, as though a god.

Well I have looked into the eyes of that deceiver and refused to be shaken by his antics. I fixated my eyes upon his, taking charge of my nerves and shutting my thoughts. I stared squarely on him, like a tiger its prey. When he saw that I was unwavering, he shrunk back and his mask fell off. I got to learn his truth, the truth of what he really is…he is scared.

He is scared of us, of you; scared of what you can do and who you can be. He is scared by the possibility of the depth of our ability-that’s why he fights us so much. He is afraid that if he lets you be and possibly discover the truth, that nothing could ever stand in your way; that many others will discover him for who he is and will shun him. He is scared of being lonely, of being the only one who has experienced lasting failure. He doesn’t want to be alone; he is scared of looking at himself in the mirror, so he looks at you, dragging you down to him so that he has company. Most of all, however, he is scared of your Father; knowing that you are His heir and the owner of all that He has. He is afraid that the day you discover just how royal you are; you will awaken from your slumber and take up your place. That is why he has supplanted himself on you and would rather kill you than have you find out the truth.

I learnt this and it shook me to my core.

Who knew?

Who knew that something that seemed so big and so dangerous was actually in fact so afraid of me? Who knew that truth gave such power; power to create anything one so desired? It has taken the notion of power away from logic and fear and given it to me.

Who knew?


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