[I Have Not Coined A Title Yet…Sorry]

So I decided to do something crazy last Tuesday. I finally decided to sit down and write that book.

Which book, you may wonder?

Well, about more than a year ago, a book was laid in my spirit; purposefully to be written by me, in my weird, unique and unconventional manner. Everyone who knows me, will tell you that I am one who is never devoid of something to say. It is my gift, my predisposition. If you are an employer reading this and desiring to hire me for a position that requires one to be silent for more than 30 seconds, allow me to save you the disappointment and probable ulcer medication. It is an impossible fete.

Anyway, before I digress, the book.

Yes, I was given a book to write. And like the sometimes good son that I am, I actually started writing it; got five pages in and after that have no recollection of what next.

I could go into all the reasons which I successfully conjured up in a bid to convince myself of why then was not the time. From being too young, to not being sure about my content, to my surety that I would lose the battle with writer’s block. But somehow, I was not convinced. So I drew my last card, I convinced myself that I was too busy. Between my expectant wife, daily flights to and from work and my FIFA career modes, there was just no time to write this book.

There were a few times that I tried; I actually opened a word document, brought out my notebook where I had scribbled the skeletons of each chapter and even kept my gaming console away from my easily swayed eyes. But, after staring at that blinking cursor for over 10 minutes, within which time my coffee had grown cold and my scribbles become cave paintings. I finally gave up the venture.

These shenanigans wet on for about a year until one day, I was awoken at 2:34 am on a certain cold, rainy Tuesday morning. I think that was where the patience had run out. The constant question I kept hearing was, “Why have you abandoned my work?”

At 2:34 in the morning, your mind is still in a stupor and therefore unable to quickly formulate a viable excuse. I found myself close to tears, repenting for my lackadaisical attitude in regards to this assignment. Eight days later, I was out of a job; eliminating my daily commutes as an excuse for not doing it.

So right now, all my days are focused on doing one thing, and one thing only; writing this book. Am I a little scared about what this may portray? Yes! I am. But what I do know is, it can only get better.

I have had to alter my sleeping habits, being up a little earlier than usual and sleeping a bit less than i would want, but such is the life of a writer.

So yeah, I finally did it.


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