Bishop Dr. Maurice Arao

I will be honest and say that when I got the call to go and interview Dr. Arao for the purpose of writing an article about him, I got scared and professionally intimidated. First off, this was the first time interviewing somebody; secondly, this was Dr. Arao. I mean, he was not just anybody randomly … Continue reading Bishop Dr. Maurice Arao


I’m Going Dark…

That has to be a fake. It has to be. It is too perfect to be real. The contours are just right; the corners carved with surgeon like precision. The cleft is just out of this world, heavenly to say the least. It is like the gods of beauty, after many moons of trial and … Continue reading I’m Going Dark…

Rush Hour…

There is something about that ride home in the evening; after a draining day, when you are looking out the window, trying to collect and make sense of all the thoughts running through your mind at that time. You most probably cannot make sense of what you have left behind and are uncertain of what … Continue reading Rush Hour…


Here is to you..storm chaser


I am the storm chaser,

The storm finder,

The storm dancer,

When others run away, I walk into the eye of the storm,

I dance in the rain, I don’t refrain


I see the dark clouds and smile, others see sadness and darkness,

But I see joy and enjoy it all,

I toy with the wind of the storm as if I know where it comes from

I am the storm chaser

I find calmness in chaos, for His peace is beyond understanding,

The storm may be big, but He is bigger than the storm, He is the storm charmer

So I am the storm chaser

The storm tried to break my spirit, to take away my will,

But I stood up so strong, because I am the storm beater

I don’t wait for the storm to come for me,

I won’t sit back and see when it happens,


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