Why Bother..?

Over the past two days, I have been wrestling with the question. “Why do I even bother?” Why do I wake up at ungodly hours to pen down this stuff; why do I expose myself and make myself vulnerable before you, my readers, like this; why do I feel the need to do this everyday, … Continue reading Why Bother..?



Here is to you..storm chaser


I am the storm chaser,

The storm finder,

The storm dancer,

When others run away, I walk into the eye of the storm,

I dance in the rain, I don’t refrain


I see the dark clouds and smile, others see sadness and darkness,

But I see joy and enjoy it all,

I toy with the wind of the storm as if I know where it comes from

I am the storm chaser

I find calmness in chaos, for His peace is beyond understanding,

The storm may be big, but He is bigger than the storm, He is the storm charmer

So I am the storm chaser

The storm tried to break my spirit, to take away my will,

But I stood up so strong, because I am the storm beater

I don’t wait for the storm to come for me,

I won’t sit back and see when it happens,


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